US Postal Service

US postal ratesSave Money by Reducing your US Postage cost by 50% Many factors contribute in determining the US postal rates you will pay. One factor is the amount of time it will take the mail to be delivered to your intended recipient. If you want the parcel to be received instantly then you need to pay higher US postal rate. Another determining factor for US postal rates is the weight of the package. The heavier it is the higher the fee. Also contributing to the mailing price are the contents as well as the size of the post or package. If it contains fragile objects then extra precautionary measures must be applied in handling the package and this equals extra cost. Despite the obvious aspects which decrease or increase US postal rates, there is still a few confusing obstacles which can cause you to pay more money than when mailing packages. It is important to be aware of the standard US postal rates which are applied to your all US mail and also to be able to cut down your shipping fees and save you money. There are technicalities and specifications set by the US Post Office which businesses and regular shippers should know and be aware of. Letters considered under first class category are those which measure up to 6 1/8 inches (for height) by 11 ½ inches (for length) by ¼ inch (for thickness). The accepted weight of a first class mail should not exceed 3.5 ounces. Most standard letters and mail do not go beyond this weight specification unless the letter contains heavy objects like coins. If your letters is outside the boundaries of the standard dimensions and surpass the provided maximum amounts, the letter is then considered as flat rate mail, rather than first class. Flat rate mail is obviously more expensive than the standard US First Class rate. There is another consideration for a letter to be considered first class mail and to meet the standard postage calculation. To be considered first class mail, the letter should not be over .75 inch (thick) with an envelope whose measurements may only be up to twelve inches by fifteen inches. If you are paying for the flat rate, its corresponding US postal rates could be considerably higher compared to a first class mail. Once the mail tops the criteria for it to be considered as a flat rate, then you move over to priority mail or to the category used in the calculation of parcel US postal rates.

To save money, do not use a 9 x 12 envelope (a flat), instead fold your paper and use a 6 x 9 envelope so that your mail will only fall under US postal rates for letters. There was once a book rate specifically for shipping books, now it is called Media Mail which also includes US postal rates for manuscripts, films, etc. Use media mail when a quick delivery is not of the essence. Another way to save money on US postal rates is to get discounted stamps from dealers of old stamps. You may need to paste more stamps to meet your needed postal rate.